Saunders Construction and Maintenance

Automatic Welding Equipment (horizontal & vertical)

Side of pageSaunders International continually invests in the purchase of industry leading auto tank welding equipment and tank construction access systems to maximise productivity, reliability and weld quality. Use of automated welding equipment allows us to offer reduced schedule duration as well as lower the total site manhours due to the reduced numbers of personnel required to complete welding of the tank when using the auto equipment. Our fleet is continually reviewed and upgraded which allows us to conform with the relevant Australian OH&S requirements. We have recently invested significant resources into development of a new configuration of these automatic machines. During this process we worked alongside a leading specialist international equipment manufacturer to have the machines custom built to comply with the stringent Australian health and safety requirements. Our site teams have extensive experience in the use of automated welding machines which has been accumulated over forty years of use. Specific construction methodology has been developed by our field staff which allows us to extract maximum productivity from these machines.

We can also custom design auto tank construction equipment for any of our client’s project requirements. We look to work together with our clients to ensure their specific requirements are achieved and that their projects are delivered in a productive and safe manner.