Saunders Construction and Maintenance

Specialist Tank Jacking Equipment

Saunders International has many years’ experience with tank jacking in both the Greenfield and brownfield environments. The company is in a position to offer our clients various methods of jacking specific to their project requirements. Furnished with a set of specialist high and low level tank jacking systems we can offer full tank construction, floor replacements, and partial and full strake replacement services as required by our clients. Our high set jack system is at the leading edge of jacked tank construction technology and has been developed in conjunction with our specialist international supplier based on their worldwide jacking project exposure.

The high set jacking systems

  • Employ tried and tested tank jacking methodologies to ensure safe, incident free and efficient  operation
  • Are designed to ensure “tilt free” jacking at all times, employing field tested backup systems and fail safe technology.
  • Are specifically designed to enable integrated application of our specialist automatic welding equipment at all stages of tank construction.

We have a suite of OH&S procedures to ensure that the jacking is always executed safely and without incident.