Saunders Construction and Maintenance

Tank Side Access Staging

Our engineered construction access systems have been developed over many years and are designed to facilitate both productive use of our automatic welding systems and also the efficient, safe manual welding and erection activities.  Our bespoke staging system which has been developed serves two main purposes during the construction phase. In the first instance it is used as an access platform for field staff during construction of the tank. This allows us reduce cost as we do not need to use traditional tube and clip scaffold. The staging platform is separated into nine meter sections.  These sections are lifted into place where a wedging system is then used to lock it all together to form one fixed platform that the crew use to work from. The secondary purpose of the staging platform is to provide structural stability to the tank shell during construction. The highest risk to a tank construction project is the susceptibility of the shell under construction to be “blown in” by high winds. Traditionally this risk was mitigated using a series of guy wires tied back to anchor points on the ground however Saunders use our staging platform locking system to ensure the structural integrity of the tank shell during construction. Through the use of this system it enables us complete the construction of tanks in high risk areas such as the cyclone seasons in the northern parts of the country.