Saunders Construction and Maintenance

Welder’s Operating Platform (cages)

Side of pageA difficult issue that tank construction companies continually encounter is accessing the vertical seam workstation. The horizontal seams are accessed from our tank side staging system however the requirement to access a vertical seam poses some different risks and difficulties.  Our engineering team has developed operating platforms for our welders to use to access the vertical seams which are in line with today’s stringent OH&S requirements. The operator’s platforms (or cages) are a double sided unit that hangs on top of the shell plate. The cage is mounted with an operators platform either side of the shell plate giving the welder access to inside and outside of the weld seam. Inside these cages there is a series of fold out platforms for the operator to stand on which allows them to access each part of the vertical seam. The cages are fully meshed all around which prevents any potential of objects falling out of them. Each cage is fitted with a pulley system which enables the operator to laterally manoeuvre the cage around the circumference of the tank to his required work station.

With the development of these cages into their current configuration Saunders team ensures we are leading the way with OH&S requirements within the tank construction industry in Australia.