Saunders Construction and Maintenance

Conventional Construction (bottom up)

Our preferred method of tank construction is the bottom up method where tanks are assembled one strake on top of another, finishing with the roof installation. This methodology enables us to offer a shorter construction schedule compared to the top down method. The advantages to a Bottom Up approach are:

  • Ability to use automatic welding processes. Specialised equipment can be utilised, such as the double-sided automatic girth welder for horizontal seams, or the electrogas welder for vertical seams.
  • There are significant opportunities for schedule gains when using an electrogas automatic welder for vertical seam welding. This is because an automatic welder can complete a three metre, 20mm thick vertical weld seam in approximately 10% of the time it would take to weld the same seam using a manual weld process.
  • Similarly, with an Automatic Girth Welder, a tank horizontal weld seam can be completed 60% quicker using the automated submerged arc process when compared to traditional manual welding.
  • The use of automated equipment reduces the personnel required at the work site – increasing productivity and quality, improving safety and reducing cost.
  • It enables us to use Saunders’ proprietary scaffold system, which is designed and built to comply with all relevant Australian standards. This system ensures the tank’s structural integrity during construction and provides safe access to the work station for all personnel on the project.
  • All working platforms are designed and built to ensure objects are prevented from falling from height, eliminating any risk from falling objects.

Other tank erection options:

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