Saunders Construction and Maintenance

Tank Jacking (top down)

We have capabilities for construction of tanks using the top down method where a series of jacks are used to jack the tank upwards while installing a strake underneath the previously jacked strake. This approach to tank construction has the following sequence in construction methodology:

Step1 – Lay and weld the floor
Step 2 – Install the final strake of the tank
Step 3 – Install the roof on the final strake
Step 4 – Jack final strake and roof upwards three meters
Step 5 – Install a new strake under the jacked strake and weld out
Step 4 & 5 are repeated until the tank is shell high. The bottom strake is then welded to the annular when the tank is complete.

With the Top Down methodology, typically the construction schedule will be extended when compared to the conventional bottom up approach to tank construction.  However, this approach offers a number of advantages including:

  • Reduced man-hours working at height
  • Reduced site foot print for the construction area