Saunders Construction and Maintenance

Services Offered

Saunders has been a specialist in the tank construction business for more than 60 years which has enabled us to gain a wealth of knowledge across this engineering sector. We currently can offer our clients tailored engineering solutions across all stages of their projects from FEED, to detail process design, project execution and commissioning. The main focus of the business is dedicated to Engineering Procurement and Construction projects as well as Facilities Maintenance services for our clients.

Engineering Procurement and Construction

We have been in a position to offer our customers turnkey project engineering and delivery options since the early 2000’s. Since then, we have steadily increased our capacity to deliver multi-discipline projects. READ MORE.

Facility Maintenance

Our risk-based maintenance prioritisation methodology inclusive of risk analysis, scenario analysis and preventative maintenance. We have a strong in-house engineering team who provide analysis of client tankage reports. READ MORE.

Tank Construction

Saunders is able to tailor the tank construction method to any site specific constraints such as a tight project schedule, a reduced working area for the build or to meet the demands of working in a brownfield site. READ MORE.