Chemical Terminal

The Client

Client: Terminals
Location: Gate 54, Simblist Drive, Port Botany, NSW

The Project

Design, fabrication, erection, testing and painting of 14 chemical tanks.


  • Design and construct the following tanks in accordance with API-650 11th edition (addendum 2), API-2000, AS1940 and AS1962
  • Two diesel tanks with column supported roof, 31 metre (diameter) x 22 metre (height)
  • Two regular motor spirit tanks with external floating roof, 38 metre (diameter) x 22 metre (height)
  • One premium motor spirit 98 tank with external floating roof, 20 metre (diameter) x 22 metre (height)
  • One premium motor spirit 95 tank with external floating roof, 25 metre (diameter) x 22 metre (height)
  • One biodiesel tank with self-supporting cone roof, 5 metre (diameter)  x 10 metre (height)
  • One ethanol tank with self-supporting cone roof complete with internal floating roof, 14 metre (diameter) x 18 metre (height)
  • Fabricate and install associated foam pipework for tank deluge system
  • Insulation of ethanol tank
  • Non-destructive testing of tanks in accordance with requirement API-650 Appendix U
  • Hydrostatic testing of all tanks on completion
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