Greenfield Terminal Construction

The Client

Client: Port Bonython Fuels (wholly owned by Mitsubishi Corporation)
Location: Port Bonython Road, Port Bonython, South Australia

The Project

Greenfield foundation and tank installation.


  • Design and installation of civil foundations for three 42M diameter tanks
  • Design and installation of tank foundation geo-synthetic layer and implementation of leak detection system
  • Design of three 42M diameter x 20.4 meter high, fixed roof carbon steel tanks for diesel storage
  • In-house fabrication of all steel components including floor, shell, roof, nozzles, support structure and stairs
  • Simultaneous construction of tanks at Greenfield site using best practice methodology
  • Application of protective coatings both internally and externally, including base of tank floor
  • Extensive vacuum box testing in lieu of hydrostatic test due to the lack of available water in the area
  • Further non-destructive testing including magnetic particle, ultrasonic methods and radiography
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