Industrial Maintenance & Shutdowns


We have a strong track record in delivery of maintenance services in many Australian mine sites and at most of the Australian refineries and Terminals including BP Bulwer, BP Kwinana, Viva Clyde, Caltex Kurnell, Caltex Lytton and Mobil Altona. As a requirement of contract, our clients have measured Saunders performance on a regular basis to set.

Key Performance Indicators including safety, quality, schedule, cost and innovation. Our consistent performance has led to over 80% or our maintenance business being with repeat clients.

Our main areas of expertise are:

•  The repair and maintenance of above ground storage tanks
•  Maintenance and rehabilitation of bridges and marine structures

Our risk-based maintenance prioritisation methodology inclusive of risk analysis, screnario analysis and preventative maintenance. We have a strong in-house engineering team who provide analysis of client tankage reports.

This service comprises interpretation of inspection results, retirement life calculations, suitablity for service analysis, finite element analysis and innovative repair solutions.